Aluminium Sliding Windows Melbourne

aluminium sliding window melbourne

We presents you with unmatched aluminium sliding windows. We proudly mention that we are a leading sliding aluminium windows manufacturer and supplier in Melbourne.

Furthermore, we have been in this business for the last decade and provide the best quality products. Moreover, for us, our client’s satisfaction matters a lot and hence, we use top-notch quality aluminium to manufacture sliding windows.

Our manufacturing unit keeps track of every piece of product. Besides, we do a quality check of every aluminium sliding window before it goes for supply. Besides, we specialise in manufacturing commercial and residential sliding windows. In addition, anyone can place varied sizes of orders at us and we can ensure delivery on the desired timeline. Therefore, we have gained the trust of several customers wondering about superior quality aluminium sliding windows near me.

Comfort Sliding Windows

When you require strength and a bold look to your period home, the Trozon Comfort Windows is what you are looking for. The 90 x 44 mm frame has been developed for strength against wind load and water penetration. Perfect for coastal homes, the Trozon Casement will provide added value to your project.

Features: Ratings:
Stainless steel bearing rollers
Lockable windows latch
Lockable windows restrictor
24 kg sash
50mm frame
N3 Non-Exposed
Uw 4.5-6.3
Trozon Aluminium Sliding Windows

Zen Sliding Windows

The Zen Sliding Windows adds amazing effectiveness against the weather making it the right choice for any project that requires energy efficient factors. Still highly functional and low in maintenance, the Zen slider is the right choice.

Dual 100kg stainless steel ball-bearing rollers
90mm x 60mm Frame
Sump sill drainage
18mm double glazing
N4 Exposed General
Uw 3.5-6.3
Zen Aluminium Sliding Windows

ASUS Sashless Windows

The Asus Sashless Windows is designed to have the best possible airflow of any window on the market. Two panes of glass sliding vertically or horizontally with minimal visual obstructions, giving you uninterrupted views with the added benefit of ventilation.

You can chose between single or double glazing and it is perfect for
alfresco areas, indoor pool areas and sunrooms.

Single Glazing
Double Glazing (Centre aluminium bar)
Lockable with key
Configuration Dependant
ASUS Aluminium Sliding Windows Melbourne

Sliding Windows Melbourne

VK Windows & Doors knows the value of your health and hence, we provide eco-friendly aluminium sliding windows. Our sliding windows always allow entry and exit of fresh air in your commercial or residential place. Further, our sliding windows can keep you comfortable in your home or commercial space. Hence, you can enjoy healthy living with our aluminium sliding windows.

We ensure the free flow of air even at the hidden corners of your home or commercial place with our sliding windows made of aluminium. Moreover, with our sliding windows, you will never feel disappointed, as even when your home or commercial place remains closed nothing can obstruct the entry of fresh air. Thus, you need to place an order for our matchless sliding windows that can enhance your healthy lifestyle.

aluminium sliding window

Why choose aluminium sliding windows?


Our aluminium sliding windows are user-friendly and it is a hassle-free job to use them. Besides, whether it is commercial or residential space, you will find it a cup of tea to open or close these windows. Thus, you never have to feel disappointed once you install our sliding aluminium windows at your residence or commercial place.

Attractive Looks

In modern times, people want to provide an attractive look to their homes and workplaces. In this regard, we provide aluminium sliding windows with an attractive look. Every piece of sliding window has a contemporary look that can grab attention and add décor to your place.

Allows Airflow

It is vital to ensure an appropriate airflow at the places where we live or work. Due to this reason, we present an aluminium sliding window lock that can allow free-flow of air at your workplace or home. Thus, you never feel suffocating at your commercial or residential places without hassles.

Options Available

We know people need aluminium sliding windows of varied sizes. Meanwhile, to meet such requirements we manufacture and supply sliding windows of various sizes. Therefore, you can get several options from us regarding the sizes of sliding aluminium windows.

Designs & Colours

When you go to buy sliding aluminium windows, you look for specific colour and designs according to your requirement. VK Windows & Doors offer you an array of options for colours and designs. Hence, whenever you will reach us, you never have to make compromises.

Energy Efficient

At present, people want to reduce their expenses which include electricity bills. Our aluminium sliding windows can reduce your electricity bills, as it helps in regulating the appropriate temperature of your home or commercial spaces.

Aluminium Sliding Windows Melbourne

At commercial places, we can find a huge footfall every day. If you are the owner of a commercial space then you must want your customers should feel comfortable and easy. In this regard, VK Windows & Doors can help you perfectly with aluminium slide windows. Our slide windows will never choke the air and ensure proper ventilation. Besides, you can save energy with appropriate ventilation which will increase your profitability.

aluminium sliding window in melbourne

What ventilation benefits may aluminium windows offer for residents?

In homes, people always want to stay comfortable and relaxed. However, if your home is not well-ventilated, this cannot happen. Thus, to ensure appropriate ventilation in your home, you need to buy our sliding aluminium windows. Furthermore, our sliding aluminium windows can keep your residence well-ventilated. It is effortless to open and close such sliding windows; hence, you never need to put extra effort into using our windows.

Why choose aluminium sliding windows?
  • We manufacture and supply aluminium sliding windows of superior quality.
  • Our sliding aluminium windows are available at competitive prices.
  • Our sliding windows can last longer.
  • We sell user-friendly aluminium sliding windows.
  • VK Windows & Doors is a trusted company that has manufactured and supplied sliding windows for years.
Aluminium sliding windows installation